I originally got into training to try and lose weight, but I found the mental health benefits outweighed the physical. Becoming a personal trainer has allowed me to give back, and help others experience the same enlightenment and success. I opened the studio to offer a wider range of classes and help more people in the community.

I teach TRX classes and Cardio & Core at the stuido, Im also a personal trainer in the studio and at peoples houses.

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Stacey - Zumba

Come and dance with me! I absolutely LOVE being an instructor, & my main aim is to make you love coming to my class, if I have you sweating & laughing at the end, I’m happy!

I teach Gentle Zumba Gold and Zumba Fitness at the studio.



Georgie - GLO Yoga

I am a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, trained at Harmonise Academy down in sunny Brighton, also qualified in Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and Yoga for Kids.

I’m deeply passionate about mindful movement and yogic philosophy, and believes that Yoga is for everyone. Her classes are friendly and welcoming with an emphasis on deep relaxation and cultivating a strong mind / body / spirit connection

I teach Hatha flow and Vinyasa at the studio.



Nicky- Pilates

I am primarily a runner who discovered the wonderful world of Pilates 12 years ago after sustaining a running injury. I realised Pilates is more of a way of life than an exercise method and was motivated by the power of Pilates to train to teach and share the experience. In my classes I promote functional movement and enlivened thought for a mind-body workout working towards a more balanced body.
Regardless of your fitness level, Pilates can improve strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. It compliments fitness regimes and promotes mindful movement.

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Ben - Primal Bootcamps

Hi, my names Ben Banbury, the owner of Primal Bootcamps.
I've been a personal trainer for 5 years and in that time I've helped hundreds of busy mums get fitter, healthier and I think most importantly, realise that exercise can be fun! After working in commercial gyms I wanted smaller, more social classes where people can be part of an awesome community and train in a fun atmosphere with like-minded people My Bootcamps have built tonnes of friendships, helped change peoples physiques and their complete attitude to training

To book a Primal Bootcamp you can contact Ben