I never get tired of seeing the happiness imprinted on my clients face when they announce the improvement they’ve noticed or recorded. It’s a look of complete astonishment - but it shouldn’t be, it’s all them, I just help them on their own path.
— Sarah Rogers

Happy Clients


I was badly overweight and suffering from the effects of a sports injury (snapped Achilles) when i first went to see Sarah. Over a number of months she made me lighter, fitter and have much more confidence in my body’s ability to withstand mid-life sport. I could not recommend Sarah more highly for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

— Jamie Rountree

Started TRX classes with Rah 6 weeks ago with an impending wedding to look good at, already i'm feeling stronger and looking more toned.

The equipment is new, studio is clean and Rah is motivating without being pushy!


— Kitty Battams

I love Rah’s Pilates classes. I have always wanted to do Pilates but I wasn’t sure my balance was up to scratch. It’s helped my core and leg strength and definitely improved my posture too - I’m much more conscious of how I move and as a massive plus it’s a relaxing hour to myself!

— Holly Pups

The main plus for me is the fact that Sarah can come to my home studio. I’d love to come to the studio classes but my timetable doesn’t allow it. Sarah coming to my house means I can get a fitness routine in several times a week but without having to factor in the travel time.

— Emma Badger